Wading pants W003

  If you really involve most of the large triangle in the Grand Delta in the Grand Delta in the mountains or slowly moving the river or the calm lake.W003 Guide Pant is designed for low -waist wading. It has three fabrics and tingling seams, which can be incredible waterproof and breathable.

  The 5th layer of GORE-TEX Pro fabric is found on the waist seat,

  The entire leg provides incredible durability and protection,

  W003 guides PANT’s overall building to provide less wear and enhanced durability.

  W003 Guide pants have the design of the front leg seam, which can achieve unprecedented activity ability

  The hinge of the legs in the wading, while eliminating the seams of the critical wear area of the inner leg.

  When you get involved in the fishing volume, its hinge knee can ensure the maximum comfort and activity ability.

  And the belt structure of the W003 guide pants, with integrated belt ring and double buckle closed

  The two -inch elastic belt with WAXAYA catfish buckle can provide comfortable and safe fit.

  Wear -resistant club rubber material, with stainless steel boots hook

  And when the anatomy design, the hourglass shape, the enhanced fixed design

  The 4mm club rubber inventory window provides better and more comfortable fit.

  If you need a fishing permit, a place where the dried milkshake or sunglasses,

  Just use the internal flip storage bag of the W003 Guide Pant.

  Dimension chart.