Wading pants W003

  If you really involve most of the large triangle in the Grand Delta in the Grand Delta in the mountains or slowly moving the river or the calm lake.W003 Guide Pant is designed for low -waist wading. It has three fabrics and tingling seams, which can be incredible waterproof and breathable.

  The 5th layer of GORE-TEX Pro fabric is found on the waist seat,

  The entire leg provides incredible durability and protection,

  W003 guides PANT’s overall building to provide less wear and enhanced durability.

  W003 Guide pants have the design of the front leg seam, which can achieve unprecedented activity ability

  The hinge of the legs in the wading, while eliminating the seams of the critical wear area of the inner leg.

  When you get involved in the fishing volume, its hinge knee can ensure the maximum comfort and activity ability.

  And the belt structure of the W003 guide pants, with integrated belt ring and double buckle closed

  The two -inch elastic belt with WAXAYA catfish buckle can provide comfortable and safe fit.

  Wear -resistant club rubber material, with stainless steel boots hook

  And when the anatomy design, the hourglass shape, the enhanced fixed design

  The 4mm club rubber inventory window provides better and more comfortable fit.

  If you need a fishing permit, a place where the dried milkshake or sunglasses,

  Just use the internal flip storage bag of the W003 Guide Pant.

  Dimension chart.

Fridays on the Fly: Fly Tying 101

Friday instant: flight 101

  When the weather is fine in winter, catfish may be difficult to come, and the water temperature decreases in your favorite local fisheries. Faced with this predicament, many fishermen turned to the art of flying flies to maintain their passion and keen knowledge. From the perspective of outsiders, the strap of the flies looks like an old and complicated effort, but these simple techniques will help guide you to spend fine differences and let you immediately use the HomeSpun Creations to fill the box.

  Tiger clams are obvious for novices for flies, and the market has been drowned by them. At the beginning, buy one on the cheaper spectrum side. If you really enter it, you will have enough time to upgrade. Cabella’s’s starting tiger clamp is very suitable for beginners.


  All these tools are essential for you to bypass your dreams of flying shops and related prices. Before you dive, please list the list and go to the store to buy these items.


  The shuttle core fix your flight line at the appropriate position when creating a flies. LOON’s model is the top of the line.


  Sharp scissors

  If there is no pair of small and sharp scissors, don’t start to restrain the flies.



  This is a tool you need to touch the last step. It enables you to open a strong knot that can fix the finished product in an appropriate position. Refer to the third to learn the source and outbound of the use of whip noodles.




  Bodkin is basically a needle with a small metal handle. When you need to release the hook from the residual glue or cement, it will come in handy.


  Criminal pliers

  It is good for the materials that are too small but not caught with fingers, and they often need hackers.

  Screen-shot-2017-01-06 -AT-12-38-11-PM


  The demand for tweezers is self -evident. When you process a small part that requires extremely high accuracy to be assembled appropriately, a good pair must be a good pair.

  Screen-shot-2017-01-06 -AT-12-41-09-PM

  Head cement

  Throughout the flight, the material is fixed on the hook with head cement. You need to have a bottle before trying.



  The Internet is full of huge flies binding resources. Although most people are often a bit dry (beer can help you), watching the right video at the right time can make you immediately become a skilled flying layer. The video embedded below proposes a great starting point.

  The entire series is very suitable for those who are at the beginning, but if you enter the ground, start from the first lesson.

  For me, this is a GirlDe bug or stone flyworm. For you, this may be the zebra mountain, St. Huan worm or wool. Choose your favorite pattern and use it as a way to break into the fly game.

  Use this video to understand the three basic technologies used during the flight: jam knot, pinching and whip noodles. Before starting to produce your own fish and fly, you need to be able to execute everyone.

  You may be able to find everything required for all the knowledge tied to basic flies on the Internet, but the valuable hardship knowledge is always hidden between the cover of the fly belt book. Start with this ancient standard.

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